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Montessori Learning Collective


The Montessori Learning Collective came to me looking for an identity and a website to display the new school. Working with their team and even getting to hang out with the kids was a huge highlight of my design career. I was able to fully get a grasp of their mission and create a brand that resonates.

MLC Charleston South Carolina

MLC’s goal is to elevate quality Montessori practices within Charleston’s community. Sharing knowledge that will empower young children to meet their full potential while observing their understanding and development to make informed choices as they grow. The first three years of life are of the highest importance as the child forms attachments, gross motor development explodes, oral language is acquired, and healthy routines are established. The school strives to serve the whole child and family in this Montessori learning environment as an act of love made very visible.

Bianca Swinburne

The Montessori Learning Collective celebrates their one-year anniversary and will be open again for the 2019-2020 school year! The children in their care have dynamic personalities and incredible interests such as the beehive box in the schoolyard, hawks, tree frogs, art and the tasting garden. The babies have learned to crawl, stand and walk. Older children have begun to read and create. There is a deep affection and heartfelt kindness the children have for each other as they go through their day.

Nido Montessori Learning Collective

From the Nido environment, all the way to five-year-olds, the connections that the children have nurtured and developed are the heart and soul of Montessori Learning Collective. It’s a dream to work with this school and I am truly grateful for clients like them!

Montessori Learning Collective
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