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Case Study: Blanton and Sons


Established in 1998 as Blanton’s Heating and Air, the company has found much success while facing a competitive industry. We found that it was time for a rebrand as the business continues into a new chapter and the torch is handed to the sons. Josh Capeder Design proudly introduces a new look and name, Blanton and Sons.

For many years, the polar bear has been the mascot and while despite an intense affection for the bear and all of it’s cuteness, it came time to display professionalism and experience. The bear, now highly used among competitors, has been retired. These days, the line between heating and cooling have become known as one service. Therefore, we decided also to retire the red color and go with a monotone blue color palate. Bright blues can be seen with darker navy blues to give an all around mood of “Keeping Cool”.

Take a look at where the branding has changed over the years:

Blanton and Sons | Heating - Cooling - Plumbing

Blanton and Sons | Heating - Cooling - Plumbing

The identity can work in different visual wavelengths but it all feels consistent and coherent. The older brands were generic and felt distant which seemed contrary to the cool vibes that we aim to convey. It has come time to separate from the competition and doing so in a unique voice with good design. 

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