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A documentary titled, "MAKE" explores the motivation behind a creative life.


I was recently recommended this short film by an inspiring friend of mine - a Charleston based director and videographer, Geno DiMaria. This film is about the things we make and the things that make us. It features stories from the band, Sylvan Esso; graphic designer, Aaron Draplin; filmmaker, Jonathan Bregel and 11 other creatives throughout the country.

Pursuing a creative career is no easy task and can be daunting at times. Some days, we "bash our heads" trying to come up with the idea - while other days carry excitement as we find a great sense of accomplishment. We often worry if people will care what we create, or worse, if our work will be as good as others. 

This film is so honest. The artists don't discuss the creative process - they talk about something much deeper and real in their lives. 

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